Infinitely Pointless

The mindless ramblings of a bow shooting network engineer.
Infinitely Pointless

Infinitely Pointless

Life Updates

If you’re one of the few people who have visited this site on and off over the last couple of years, you will undoubtedly have noticed the lack of new content or updates. As is usually the case, life has gotten in the way of me posting updates to this …

Self Isolation

So I’m in to week two of working from home. We’re not completely locked down yet in the UK but the government did issue some new restrictions on movement this evening to try and comabt the spread of covid-19. As of now, people should only be leaving their homes for …

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I haven’t really had too much to say on the subject so far. Other than the over hyped media coverage and misinformation that is being circulated it’s been more of a minor irritation and annoyance than anything else. As has been well publicised, there has been panic buying of certain …